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Shift. Earn while you learn. Introducing a simple trading app that reshapes the way people do and understand the methods of trading. Our goal revolves around helping people with little to no knowledge or background in the financial market. Shift is rapidly rising as one of the world’s largest platforms. It has impacted thousands of people across the globe. The easy to use clean interface is optimized for mobile devices. With shift you have full transparency of the trades and receive real-time trade status updates. Monitor live currency ticks with real-time tracking. The data is analyzed and produced by artificial intelligence. This is Shift. Simple, effective and 100% transparency.

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Be the Best. Learn from the best. Included with your subscription to Shift is “World of Wisdom”, a powerful, practical learning platform. Accessible online, anytime and anywhere. Self-paced on-demand courses in addition to daily livestreams from top traders. All live content stored on your dashboard so you don’t miss out on anything. Our ultimate goal is not a degree. It’s a better you.
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In the next 10 years, 50% of jobs in the world will disappear

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to replace up to 50% of jobs in the next 10 years. Will your job be affected? Our vision is to create a place of work for 1 million people from their phone. You need to take action because this massive change will affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. Not only do you have the chance to profit in these times, you have the chance to help others do the same. How long will you wait before taking action?

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